Sunday, June 7, 2015

Episode 52: Rocky Mountain Oysters

Episode 52:  Rocky Mountain Oysters

Full house this week as Shannon is back with Dan and Joe.  On this episode:. 

  • Shannon and she unveils her new segment, “Would You Rather”
  • Dan complains about his vacation in Newport, RI.
  • Our weird news focuses on not so criminal masterminds.
  • Podsmack question of the week:  The Denver Bronco’s have imposed a “fart tax” on its players, what kind of tax would you like to impose on your co-workers?  #QOTW52         

Twitter:  @getpodsmack1 (Dan); @scooley2124 (Shannon); @doublejxpress (Joe)

Facebook: GetPodsmack

Featured Music:  Flashlight (Parliament Funkadelic)

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