Sunday, July 26, 2015

Episode 56: Shannon's Little Leprechaun

Episode 56:  Shannon’s Little Leprechaun  

Dan, Shannon and Joe are back for another episode:

  • Shannon’s week: a plumber, two movers and Amy Schumer
  • Joe has another great week.
  • Dan almost loses a foot.
  • Pick 6, Podsmack’s Top 6 list.  This week is Top Movie Duo’s….listen to see how E.T. and Elliot made that list and who to blame for it.
  • More details on our Crazy Creepy Clown Contest. #creepyclown     

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Episode 55: A Wicked Pisser

Episode 55:  A Wicked Pisser

Shannon, Dan and Joe are back for another episode: 

  • Dan, Shannon and Joe break down Matt and Brooks (Hot Coffee Podcast) attempt at a Boston accent.
  • Shannon has car issues.
  • Joe is embarrassed.
  • Dan gets beat for $6.00. 
  • We determine on our Top 5 Mob/Gangster movies. 
  • Despite our best efforts, Shannon manages to get in a little World Cup talk.
  • Oh, did I mention our crazy creepy clown contest?   

Twitter:  @getpodsmack1 (Dan); @scooley2124 (Shannon); @doublejxpress (Joe)

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