Monday, April 28, 2014

Episode 14: Mr. Jones and Me (Part II)/Return of Shannon

Episode 14:  Mr. Jones and Me (Part II)/The Return of Shannon

Joe and Shannon back on the same day.....just not at the same time.  Two episodes recorded, heavily edited and jammed together.

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Episode 14.1:  Mr. Jones and Me (Part II)

Joe meets up with Dan early.  Topics discussed include:

  • Skinny Jeans
  • Joe's former job as an exotic dancer
  • Odd things hidden in odder places
  • Lap dances you may or may not want
  • LA Clippers
  • Doc Westchester

Featured Music:  Been Caught Stealing, Jane's Addiction (intro); Mr. Jones and Me, Counting Crows (outro); I'm From Western Mass, Doc Westchester; Going Way Back, Just Ice.

Episode 14.2:  The Return of Shannon

Fresh out of church, Shannon meets up with Dan.  Topics discussed include:

  • Shannon's Vacation
  • Going to Mars
  • Bounce House Fiasco
  • Lap Dances
  • Balboni Women
  • Correspondence with Nigerian Diplomats
  • Marvel Movies (again)

Music featured:  Should I Stay or Should I Go, Clash (intro); Make Me Sweat, Big Pun with Beanie Man

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Episode 13: Mr. Jones and Me

Episode 13:  Mr. Jones and Me

No Shannon this week.  Topics discussed include:
  • Strippers at nursing homes
  • The latest Loch Ness monster sighting
  • 16 year old Dan's music video infatuations
  • Rhianna vs Aaliyah
  • New contests and rules announced.
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The Visual Portion of the Podcast:

Satellite Image of Nessie?

Rampage:  Jenifer Lopez

Around the Way Girl:  Janet Vanicek

Bust A Move:  Girl in Yellow ?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Episode 12: Say, It Ain't Joe!

Episode 12:  Say, It Ain't Joe!

No Joe this week but never fear Shannon is here.  Dan and Shannon geek out with Winter Soldier, Agents of Shield and comic book movie talk.  From those who haven't seen Winter Solder, no spoilers but a word of advice.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Episode 11: Two Guys, A Girl and A Podcast

Episode 11:  Two Guys, A Girl and A Podcast

Topics discussed include paternity leave, Game of Thrones, sky diving and the best 6:00 am phone call Dan ever received.

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