Saturday, February 22, 2014

Episode 6: Pizzle for Shizzle

Episode 6:  Pizzle for Shizzle

In the under card, Joe, Shannon and Dan discuss overrated movies and which pop star we would like to deport (I am pretty sure at least one of us offended someone).  In the main event, Joe and Shannon threw down and a winner was crowned.  The winner of the movie tickets is announced at the end.  The winner will be posted on the Podsmack Facebook page on Monday, February 24.

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Pictures from the Price is not Right game:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Episode 5: A Tale Of Two Sams

Episode 5:  A Tale of Two Sams

In this short episode, Dan and Joe discuss Mike Sams and Samuel Jackson as well as another Florida "stand your ground" case and the surprise Dan got for Valentine's Day.

Mentioned in Episode 5:

Ice Ice Baby, No School:

Samuel Jackson is not Laurence Fishburne:

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Episode 4: Rectum, Damn Near Killed 'Em

Episode 4:  Rectum, Damn Near Killed 'Em

In this episode, our heroes (Dan and Joe) recap the big game (sorta), tell you how to mess with your doctor, announce their selection for local low life, talk GroupOn and Dan airs his beef with Olive Garden (plus a lot of other nonsense).  Also, more details are revealed about their first movie pass giveaway contest (unfortunately it is at the end of this episode).

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Episode 3: The Sleepy Weasel

Episode 3:  The Sleepy Weasel

Dan and Joe talk about the Big Game (sorta), Joe plays Miss X in Cards Against Humanity, We listen to a commercial for the She Wee, Headlines, the first Podsmack Movie Pass Contest is announced and more.

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Mentioned in the Podcast:  

Cards Against Humanity:

She Wee Commercial:

Police Sketch: