Sunday, March 22, 2015

Episode 45: Schock & Awe (Shannon's Revenge)

Episode 45:  Schock & Awe (Shannon’s Revenge)

No Joe this week (some nonsense about a 10k); however, Dan and Shannon welcome a special guest for three rounds of banter that will surely enlighten, provoke, shock, dismay and I dare say entertain you.

  • Round 1:  Our special guest brings a more serious topic to the podcast, while Shannon talks about stupid products people buy and Dan wants to bring back a childhood cartoon that can be described as ever so slightly politically incorrect. 
  • Round 2:  Headlines from the last week.  This week’s headlines include a mega-church pastor and his desire for a private jet, a broken penis and a bag full of dicks. 
  • Round 3:  Shannon and our special guest square off in a round of competitive banter where they tell us "who they are when they are not themselves when they are hungry", answer the question red pill or blue pill and find out who is willing to serve expired milk. 

Twitter:  @getpodsmack1 (Dan); @scooley2124 (Shannon); @doublejxpress (Joe)

This week’s subjects/hashtags:  #Winners, #Losers, #Headlines, #BrokenPenis, #FreeForAll

Featured Music:  Let Me Blow Your Mind (Eve/Gwen Stefani); America the Beautiful

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